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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Our next trip - Krabi

We have been pondering where we should go in Apr/May.
We need a relaxing beach vacation, where kiddos can enjoy the sand and water, maybe do some fish feeding again.
Read our previous escapade at Redang.

Shortlisted Samui or Krabi.

Samui should be family friendly, but Daddy thought it is too commercialised,
and more expensive (30% to 40% more expensive).
is more "remote", but offers same water quality.
Daddy is awed at Krabi's limestone structures.
Either resorts should offer tons of fun for our kiddos.

We went to Natas but did not secure any good deal.
Travel agencies were hard-selling, and prices were not really value for money
(even on budget air)
Luckily, we did some research first and did not bow to pressure.

We did more research online and book our own flight and accommodation.
And we manage to save 12% to 15% over listed price at Natas !!
Just pray accommodation and flight all goes according to plan.

Lesson learned, travel fairs might not necessary guarantee lowest rates.
We still have to do some research first.

Above pictures taken from http://www.tripadvisor.com/
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