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Thursday, July 30, 2009

weekly roundup - nuggets

- cheesecake
- phase 2c
- monkey
- barrage
- duck/Hippo

31Jul - Cheesecake from BakerZin
Daddy show Mummy another blog with the kids enjoying their delicious Cheesecake.
And today, we get to enjoy Strawberry and Cookies cheesecake yummy.

Yi has already finished his portion, and looks set to conquer Wei and Kang's territory !!
The two kor kor better eat faster.

Thank you to this blog for introducing our cheesecake--> http://growingyearsabc.blogspot.com/2009/07/oreo-cheesecake.html

29Jul - Primary School regstration for Wei
We went to register Wei at Nan Qiao for Phase 2C.
On day 1, quota already overshot. No gurantee even if we live within 1Km.
Out of every three kids registered, two will be disappointed !! (I mean the parents)
Balloting will start on 11Aug.

Refer history chart at this information forum -->

29Jul - Monkey See Monkey Do
We were watching TV when we heard Mummy "Ouch".
She has drop Orange carton onto her toe. Wei and Kang proceed to massage her toe.
saw and imitate, but he massage the other foot's toe ?? So sweet.
No prizes for guessing who is the monkey :p

29Jul - School activities - Marina Barrage
Wei and Kang went for field trip to the Barrage. They had fun learning about how the "pumps" work, and also enjoy some water splashing.


28Jul - Ducks and Hippos

We pass by Suntec everyday, and we will scrutinise what is the Hippo bus colour.
Today, Daddy detour on the way home, and let us see these funny buses upfront and close.

Daddy say this buses are not cheap. one Duck - $30, and one Hippo -$25 !!
Let us wait for some promotions :)

Now we know the Duck bus was used during Vietnam war. But we still cannot visualise how the propeller will push this bus across Marina bay.

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