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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Kovan Drift - cool

Ah Kang drifting with BumbleBee? (maybe in his dreams )
We caught sight of this poster outside a video shop, and Daddy ask Kang to pose.

Drifting, with RC cars..Wei just finish his class. We have to go home and pickup Yi.

Geely car can drift and screech? U bet !! Honda Nsx 2000 in the background.

Look at the crowds.. this drifting and tyre-burning demo bring adrenalin to Kovan heartland :p

the rally cars..
Too bad Mummy need to take care of Xin at home.. anyway Wei mention girl girl will not enjoy the drift and fast cars !!

Video - RC drift

Video : Daddy's hand was shaking badly during video-taking, as he has to hug Yi with the other hand hee. Yi is 12Kg now hee hee.
Video : donut and smoke

There were also go_kart, but Daddy doubt he can handle the babies in the karts..
Mario Kart would be safer for us :)

The sky was getting dark, and we have to leave earlier..
The boys are enthusiastic and cannot wait for SengKang to have similar races too.

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