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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Kang at 4 years old

It seems like it was only yesterday, when Kang was still our little 弟弟 (small brother).Suddenly, Kang has grown, and is more mature now.

Picture : A commando watermelon makeup gone wrong? hee hee green Kungfu Panda?

Kang can be temperamental at times, but luckily, he does not bear grudges.
He is very sociable, but tends to get too rough with friends and siblings.

On the surface, Kang looks quiet, but he likes to analyse his environment/conversation, before he speaks. Effectively bilingual, Kang speaks in machine gun style.

He is always inquisitive, and has tons of questions for Daddy and Mummy.

Kang remembers all our conversations, eg Daddy's nagging, Mummy's motto, and repeats them to us at regular intervals (eg shouting Garang Guni when Yi is naughty).

Daddy and Mummy can only smile in jubilation (or exasperation), as this little-parrot really knows how to tickle your fancy.

We have told Kang that he will be the big Kor Kor in school in a few months, as Wei is going to Primary school. Kang will need to look after Yi (and maybe Xin).

Daddy and Mummy still have our reservations on whether Kang is up to the mark hee hee.

Play, no problem, exhibit responsibility? Let's see :p

We are secretly confident, as Kang can exhibit empathy,
eg when he sayang our Mei Mei 妹妹.

Picture : Chubby thighs, Kang was fleshly once, but has now shrink :(

For all his innocent look, Kang has a dark side hee hee.
He is a good nurtured boy, who is always curious and inquisitive, but mischievous by nature :p

Kang knows how to toe his line, and not to irritate Mummy/Daddy.

If there should be an OB (out of bound) line, Kang will nudge Wei to step onto minefield first !!! Thus Wei will always get scolding from Daddy :(

Kang has high EQ, but is crafty, and scheming :p

(not sure whether these descriptive should be applied on a 4 year old boy ).

Kang is not scared of any "hard" discipline from Daddy, so Mummy has to appeal to Kang's soft side. Chinese saying - 吃软不吃硬

Daddy and Mummy : on Middle child symptom.

Kang is stuck in the middle, ie not mature enough like Wei to enjoy some additional freedom (yet), and not as young and cute as Yi. Ask any parents with two kids and above, and we come to conclusion second child always has to fight extra hard for attention. If family has three kids, situation will likely gets worse.

Daddy and Mummy would like to acknowledge Kang's role as a live-wire in our house. He will pull everybody together, through his antics (be it good or bad). And we believe our house would see less excitement without Kang :p

More Kang pictures here --> http://sengkangbabies.blogspot.com/2009/03/baby-kang.html

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