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Friday, July 17, 2009

Kang b'day @ Cecil

Kang, Wei and Calista posing with Daddy.

Whole family troop to Cecil to celebrate Kang's big day :)
We ordered a Transformer BumbleBee, but got an Optimus Prime instead. Mistake on Bangaxxx's part.. We felt disappointed, but still has to compromise :p

Daddy/Mummy did not have to try hard to pacify Kang, as he was busy cutting/distributing the cake to his friends. And of course the goodie-bags ...

The Lee brothers, or Boon brothers, or three brothers..this is how the teacher address them in school (just add small,medium,large Lee to identify who is who)

Video : N2 singing happy b'day to ah-Kang

After sing song, cut cake. Waste no time..


Waste no crumbs..after 10 minutes :p

Yi running to another class..Teacher always complain he run here and there..

Mei Mei Wen Xin's first visit to school, no cake, only got to drink milk..too bad :(

Ah Soh feeding milk .how to be glamorous?
When we need to attend to all the kid's attention :p

Ah Peh

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