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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Kang B'day - he is 4 years old now

We celebrated Kang's 4th birthday earlier, his actual day is 17th.
Daddy was sleeping, but Kang managed to disturb Daddy to wake up, and we played Superman/boy.

Daddy brought us to CompassPoint to collect our food, and ice-cream Cake :)
The staff at Swenson are very helpful, and offer to bring the cake and balloons to our car .

Kang with balloons, Wei still zzz.

Kang's menu and buffet :) who is hungry now?

Ah-Ma, Tua Ku and Kim joins us for dinner.

Transformer brothers.
Optimus : Autobots , rollout.
BumbleBee : Transform

Video : Ah Yi dancing to Wheels on the Bus

Gather around Mummy.

Start your Motors..We got Kara and Joley to join us.

Xin : can only view from her sofa :p she still cannot join in the fun, yet.

Disney cake for Kang.. Happy Birthday !!

Our birthday Boy, Wen Kang.

Video : singing Happy Birthday song

Make your wishes, we cut the cake now.. Wei wants to help slice the cake.

Everybody seat down, take a pic first..
The children are almost "static" because we got a cartoon running in the background..

Mrt or bus? Yi automatically picks his best seat, and Kang is always the driver :)

choo choo !! Everybody on board

Video : Thomas train in motion

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