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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Transformer - more than meet the eyes

Daddy has not not been to a cinema for ages. Luckily Mummy sponsor the tickets for Wei, Kang and Daddy.

We caught this movie at TampinesMall, and we have to wait 15 minutes for a carpark lot, we were almost late for the show.

Wei's favourite robot is Optimus Prime, and Kang prefer BumbleBee.

Daddy wonders why kids do not like Decepticons?

Daddy: A very long show, 2 and 1/2 hours. Kang went toilet two times.
I am glad the kids love the fighting scenes, although they ask too many questions :p
- who is this ?
- why this girl so sexy?
- why they catch the boy?
- why bad guy so fast Fallen :p
- why the big ship got aeroplane (Aircraft carrier)

Children above 90cm has to pay full fare $10 for weekend. Watching movie is expensive affair...


  1. My son also like optimus prime....but he is too young to go to cinema...
    scared later he will ask me why the robot shaking at fox's leg...hahah

  2. Kang is lucky..his b'day coming, will be Bumblebee cake..check out Bangawan Solo :p


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