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Thursday, July 16, 2009

going to primary school - another milestone

Every parents has to go through this stage...
when our kids elevate to the next phase of tertiary life.

Wei at two years old, how fast he has grown..

- Test and exams start appearing **sweating**
- Kids suddenly become independent (maybe a bit rebellious ) haha
- Why maths look different from Daddy's era
- Hanyu Pinyin as basis to pickup Mandarin?? tough..
- What? kids need to blog for project ?? so high tech..
- Tuition and homework week after week .. wow
- Sat/Sun CCA, daddy really cannot sleep already :p

Gossips - from our friends and colleagues, we eavesdrop :
- where are you?
- what time come home?
- homework finished?
- when got assessment? Test confident?
- why stay so late in school?
- why tell ah-gong/ah-ma no money etc etc
- need two more pages of blog to finish..you get the idea

Oh no, Daddy also becoming more like lor-soh Uncle already..
And we thought getting into our preferred school is half the battle won :p

**on a side note, Daddy is always more strict with Wei, as he is the eldest, and need to show a good example to his siblings. Tough job for Wei, as it means he always get the shortest end of the stick.

Video : Wei reading for Kang

Some url to share :
- http://preschool.sg/
- http://www.kiasuparents.com/kiasu
- http://www.schoolbag.sg/
- http://sg.theasianparent.com/bigger_kids
- http://forums.cozycot.com/pregnancy-and-parenting

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