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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Wen Xin

Xin is two years old already. Our little princess grows so fast !
(We celebrated her birthday two weeks back)

Go back to our other birthday parties, did you ever see a helium balloon?
Mummy got a S.P.E.C.I.AL Hello Kitty for her girl keke.

The usual pose-with-the-cakes is actually quite difficult to capture, as kids will always be stretching to see, touch, poke the cakes !! The photographer is normally their last obstacle hehe.

Now you see StrawBerry shortcake, next minute gone !

The moment, may all your wishes come true Wen Xin :)

Start feasting ! Yeah, kids cannot say NO to cakes.

Our families :)

The next day, we celebrated her birthday in School. Kids nowadays are really fortunate, cake is a "Given" for them. A few decades ago, Daddy would be lucky to have a red-egg :p

Anyway, Xin's class is call Parrots. Look at them, all so Cute !

Hello Taxi cake !

Read our Zoo story on why Mummy Daddy pick her a little Explorer cake !

Can someone help Xin gather her buddies..

..and teachers

Ready to cut cake?

Thank you to the cake sponsors :0

Wen Wei is in school, thus could not join us.



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