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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Handling kids, no problems :p

It was not too long ago, when Daddy failed to drive our car out of carpark! Daddy is very confident of his driving skills, but he could not handle the crying baby seated behind !

In 2003, Wen Wei is our first baby, and we became parents overnight :)
He was so small then, fast forward 7 years, he is now 30kg !

Every parent has to start learning about parenting at some point..
There is no user-manual to follow, only instinct and best-practice and advices from fellow parents and grandparents :)

Daddy would like to summarize the kids/effort ratio :
- with one kid - both parents full attention, we we are still learning - Effort is 100%
- with two kids - parents thought maybe some skills can be recycled, how wrong :p - Effort 150% (kids fighting for attention is no joke)
- with three kids - our No1 can take care of baby now - Effort - 80%
- with four kids - more helping hands - Effort 70%

Does it sound like more kids make parenting easier? or maybe we parents are already immune to the strenuous tasks ? We are still enjoying bringing our kids outsdoor, but Daddy hesitate when we eat out (difficult to tie down four active kids, and they normally attract too much attention haha)

People see our pictures, read our blog and might assume that our kids are easier to handle. We train them to be independent and responsible from young.

When we ask parents to bring their kids for more outdoor fun, they start imaging kids running in all directions, or playing "hide and seek" in the woods ! This very thought could discourage some first time parents.

Tip - engage the kids, let them know about the plants, the bugs, the sand and they might just pay some attention to you.

One more tip, if u think bringing your toddlers out is challenging, try our tips on public transport first -->

**The more we go out with kids, the more comfortable we become**

Now, if you think active kids are hard to rein in, try getting them to sit still for 5 min (without ipad and iphone). Daddy survived a wedding lunch banquet with two youngest kids. They could have smash the cutlery, play flying darts or saucers? or pull the bridesmaid's long tresses?? Luckily, they did not embarrass Daddy. But Daddy was feeding and entertaining them non-stop :)

We try to handle each challenge positively...if we survive, our handling skills and confidence receives a booster. Next, we can try going further, and perform more task together, as a unit, as a family !

For parents, there is nothing to lose other than feeling embarrassed, if kids misbehave in public. No problem, parenting "First course" is learn to be thick-skin!! Ignore what others are staring, and ignore their judgements.. we are all learning !

If you are a new parent, welcome and congrats, more sleepness night will accompany you, you will lose appetite when your child fall sick, and your wallet might scream at the expensive medications ! Just remember, every parent need to overcome these milestones, before they truely appreciate parenting. Our parents went through the same stuff to raise us up :)


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