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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New milestone for SengkangBabies

Slowly but surely, SengkangBabies is getting more hits. Sometime today,
our blog will cross the 100,000 visitors milestone.

When you are blogging regularly, your blog seems to outgrow you. Let's say SengkangBabies average about 20 articles per month, that would be 240 memories jotted down for one year!

When we pen down our thoughts and our kids' milestones, and we we look back a few years later,
we realised time flies (literally).

We aim to showcase more fun places for young families. If you like our Places of Interest,
or even Holiday Destinations, do share them with your friends :)

Recent update to our blog would be our Fanpage. Like us to get the latest gossips and pictures :)
Daddy loves our new blog layout, which allows for bigger photos. We will try to share more photography tips along the way. (you can click on pictures above to go to our FanPage albums)

Stay tune for more cute picture and stories of our babies, this is Daddy's commitment.
Blogging is only going to be more fun from here on :)


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