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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Kang is Six, last year in pre-school

Kang is six years old, in K2, and he will be joining his Bro at Primary school next year. Today, Mummy and Daddy celebrated his birthday at school with his friends.

Kang with his Diego cake

Wen Yi the good younger bro was with Kang all the way.
Is Yi waiting for the cake?

Kang's friends help him to finsh the cake. Daddy just realised there are three birthday celebrations today! Wow, the teachers will get hand-cramp from cutting cake keke.

Kang will be leaving his "Pelican" brood after 2011 :)

In case you are wondering where is our girl, her classmate is celebrating birthday too, and Xin prefers to join the group with BIGGER cake :0

At home, second celebration with our relatives. Kiddos all know who is their beloved Bro !

Our babies are quite "natural" infront of Daddy's camera, maybe they used to being photographed already? When they are relaxed, photos always turn up "happy" too :)

Food spread, we even got a $100 voucher from HungryGoWhere, which we utilized for two ribs from Chili's!

Kang's Optimus Prime present, we got this from a lucky draw when we watch Transformer.

Mickey cake for home. yummy :)

Kang is now officially Angry Bird (a black one)

Wen Kang is looking forward to Primary school lifestyle, Party on :)



  1. ahhhh Happy Birthday yo!!! =D I miss celebrating birthday with classmates.

  2. I have to agree with u, celebrate with colleagues sometimes (got to involve politics haha). Different type of fun :)


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