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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Instead of trains, we have families walking on the track now !! 人山人海

Locomotives yesterday, Human traffic today !
Since KTM trains stopped running to Tanjong Pagar on 01Jul, families are treating the railway tracks as a must-visit spot during weekends !

Previously, Daddy and Wei managed to join GreenCorridor's tour guide on 28Jun, read our story here --> http://sengkangbabies.blogspot.com/2011/06/railway-track-along-upper-bukit-timah.html.
If you thought 100 participants was a crowd, wait till you see the weekend visitors!!

On a weekend, it is impossible to take portraits, people everywhere haha !!

..leaving our footprints behinds ...

Kids should be happy walking on the tracks, and kicking the pebbles !

We have to wait so long before we could take a family photo with minimum distraction.

Come 17th Jul, some areas might be fenced out for track-removal works. You got two more weekends. We intend to make one more trip to Bukit Timah station to complete our train-story :)

The good news is GreenCorridor has a series of DIY maps for you to walk down memory lane.

On a side note, the weeks running up to 01Jul2011, everybody were searching for "Tanjong Pajar or Train" related matters, from schedules to opening hours !

For more photos of our train adventures, take a peek at our album -->

Remember to download the maps from GreenCorrifor first !!

Happy Trekking :)

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