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Friday, July 29, 2011

Canon PhotoMarathon

Held once a year, Canon PhotoMarathon is here again. Daddy was so blur when a friend
recommend "Canon PhotoMarathon". He thought it was those 42km thingy ! (Well, Daddy fitness has never been tip-top, so 10Km would be stretching it !).. Anyway, thanks Hisham for the heads up :)

Back to our topic, they call it a Marathon because you have Three missions from 0700 to 1930,
that is Twelve hours !! Will the battery or memory run dry before your creative juice?

10Sep2011, with a fee of $10, Daddy will be there to challenge himself.
It would be fun to join one whole bunch of shutterbugs to run all over Singapore Snap Snap !

Although this is Canon PhotoMarathon, but T&C mention all Makes are welcomed :p
, and the winner can fly to Tasmania for photo-lesson !!

More information and registration here -->

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

On the subject of photography events, Daddy found another website (Justin Ng Photography)
with regular competitions and events.

Daddy submitted below flying fox photo with caption "Daddy Faster !" .
Through the panning shot, Mummy clearly capture Kang's smiling face, and cheeky Wei
trying to pull Kang's pants ! Overall, the photo shouts "FUN" !

ISO 200, Shutter Mode 1/50, WB :Cloudy

If you think this photo looks interesting, and can do better, and if you are free,
do drop by and "Like" it here at Justin Ng Photography. It is album 13 photo 61.
**do take note that you will need to "Like" Justin Ng Photography fanpage first.

You may also want to drop by SengkangBabies Fanpage for more West Coast pictures.
This is a very interesting Park, and our blog review should be up soon.

**updated 2011Sep11 - read our PhotoMarathon expericnce - One Fun Canon event !


  1. I like this picture taken! Have fun with your kids ya! Haha

  2. Nice! I might want to join too!

  3. Thanks HP :)
    Kelvin - must get off-pass from Mrs first keke (join me)

  4. I'll be there too, let's meet up =)

  5. hello Jennifer, xie xie )
    Isaiah. ON !

  6. SAD SAD SAD! I forgot to register!!



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