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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

North East CDC fanpage

Daddy first heard of NECDC (North East Community Development Council) fanpage from a friend. From your neighbourhood CDCs, we can find out the latest events or gatherings. It can be a simple walk, a farm visit or even Harry-Potter movie screening! The key word is family-participation.

~~~ ~~~ ~~
Quoting from Mr Yong (Senior Manager from NECDC)

NECDC is a community-based organization to promote and build a healthy community bonding at all possible levels.

Family bonding
is definitely an important area that the NECDC would like to actively promote. A strong bonded family will not only support and benefit family members but also setting a good basic foundation towards a healthy community.

Another factor is that family members can be pretty busy over many activities day-in, day-out. We hope the activity would send a positive message to remind all
to set aside time for the family such as eating together as a family regularly over a simple and fun online activity.
~~~ ~~~ ~~

Besides social activities, and self-help groups, we can also become volunteers. This is another way we can contribute back to society.

Every now and than NECDC will have some lucky draws (SweepStakes), you just need to "Like" NECDC and enter the SweepStake. We got lucky previously and won a $100 HungryGoWhere food voucher and two movie tickets. We made use of the food voucher to order a sumptuous dinner for Kang's birthday :)

For more updates, "Like" NECDC today, or you can go to http://www.northeastcdc.org.sg/Link
If you are interested, SengkangBabies is under CentralCDC

There are 5ive CDCS in Singapore, and each is headed by a mayor. The other three CDCs are :
- http://www.northwestcdc.org.sg/
- http://www.southeastcdc.org.sg/
- http://www.southwestcdc.org.sg/


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