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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Canon PhotoMarathon 2011

Canon PhotoMarathon was last Sat, Daddy's first time with photography event. Three themes over 12 hours, almost 2000 participants gathered at Suntec.

Daddy is joining for the Fun and learning portion, and also to catch up with friends. Winning can always come later (maybe after I brush up my skills in 5 years :p )

Registration starts from 0700, and First theme will be announced at 0900. Tim sum sponsored by Amanda xie xie :)

We had time to view some entries from 2010's (awe inspiring photos !) Warning, do not compare amature Daddy's photo's thereafter, you will only be disappointed haha.

0900 - Theme 1 is "Eat", and we quickly discuss where we shall hunt for our food

We went to quiet neighbourhood hawker centre at Army Market (Beach Road)

Beware when you are eating with food-bloggers, they take more time to shoot their food than us :p

If you think the food looks good, our party got a lot of chatty folks and jokes.
Introducing Daddy's team mates for today, Xin Yun, Amanda, Geng Hui and Isaiah :)

This is Daddy's "Eat" submission. His idea was to tell a story about how our humble hawker centre serves three meals to Singaporeans.
( Still, pretty lame photo compared to those eat-human candid shots !! look at the next awesome photos below)

"Eat" selected shots. More motivations for Daddy to further improve his techniques keke

# Tip 1 - no need to rush, three hours is a lot of time. Just arrive back 30min earlier to upload your photo.

# Tip 2 - take public transport, driving might have problems finding carparks

1200 - Them 2 announce - "Circle"

Circle is everywhere, but Circle can wait. Geng Hui recommended us Chin Chin pork chop for lunch. Yummy !

# Tip 3 - go with your buddies
You will enjoy the journey, the meals, the chit chatting !
Time past easier too, and you forgot this is a 12 hour event.

# Tip 4 - DSLR might not be necessary, but we saw young kids with mean machines & hugh lens !

So many things are Circle around us..

My "Circle" Entry, how do we make our photos stand up?

Selected "Circles"

# Tip 5 - Look at previous entries, there are so many tips to copy keke.
This is a learning exercise, looking at the inspiring photos, Daddy's bring home message is "Nothing is impossible !"

1500 - Theme 3 announced as "Imagine". Imagine how tired we are after waking up at 0545 and making our way to Suntec at 0700, followed by six hours of creative shoots. Then some wise guy @Canon came up with "Imagine" !! So abstract wahaha!

# Tip 6 - Look at the last theme. Something so abstract as "Imagine", no right or wrong photos. It reinforce Daddy's belief that this photography event emphasize more on composure, then techniques. (It is more difficult to learn creativity, then technical skills )

For the Theme, Daddy purposely blur all his shots (nice word would be creative blur keke).

Ironically, Daddy's submission was taken even before we venture outside.
Can you see what is in Daddy's photo? Try to Imagine ok :p

# Tip 7 - Most important tip, you must remember to have FUN !! Daddy found the other famous Andy too !

While searching for inspirations, we landed at Esplanade. Love the view from the top of Esplanade

Do read up our team experiences too !
- Xin Yun
- Geng Hui
- Isaiah
- Amanda

Love our adventure? Wait for Canon's 2012 event.
Meanwhile, you can catch more photos at our fanpage.

2011 winners are posted at Canon fanpage.



  1. Hi Andy

    Nice to meet you at Canon PhotoMarathon 2011 !! Had a fun time taking photographs, eating and chatting together !!

    Hope we can get more events to go take photos together in a bigger group next time ! :D


  2. hello Geng Hui, we will definitely catch up again :) cheers.


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