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Thursday, August 19, 2010

YOG - swimmer Rainer shouting "Dare to Dream" !!

Wow, did you hear Rainer's achievement? HE is shouting to all youths "Dare to dream" !! He did just that, and match the World's best to garner a silver.

And this hard fought Silver is big news! and can only help to raise Singapore's sports profile. Rainer is only 18 years old.
(Daddy was still studying + billiard + football around that age)

For full article, please refer to Siti from YOG (picture taken from same website)

Sacrifices :
- Rainer has to stop class for 1 year to concentrate on swimming

- Singapore's professional sportsman/woman are not really Full-time. They are likely to hold a day job. It requires strong commitment and determination to see through tough trainings amid busy schedules.

- our aspiring sports personal strive hard to Excel

- not every sports get abundant sponsors, and athlete sometimes do come up with their own expenses

- supportive parents and schools always play a part

- end of the day, the athletes themselves Shine through their own determination and dexterity.

Well Done Rainer, everybody in Singapore should be proud of your achievement,
let us bask in your glory.

Story telling time from Uncle...
- 20 years ago, parents believe in studies first, as there might be no future in Sports

- even when you are good in sports, how many can make a career and retire with sports?

- Singaporeans are pragmatic, and we need to fill our ricebowl, before our passion :p

- will our mindset towards Sports, change post YOG?

- Daddy is a believer!

Video : Relieve Rainer's glory !

** now Daddy is motivated to bring the boys to view one match, to get some jibes !!
To get the boys excited, and let then know why sports is important, for building our character and personality :)

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