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Monday, August 23, 2010

Yog Fire Tornado at Marina Bay... and teletubbies spotted

Daddy brought us to Olympic Park this evening. We had wanted to
see the burning "fire". As it was raining, rain coats were issued.

This is the nearest we got to the "Fire" :(
Apparently, there are some rehearsals going on for YOG closing.
(we do not have a tele lens yet)

Since we are here, we can dance around Olympic park.

Now, Daddy need to buy one more Red and Yellow raincoats, and you will see Teletubbies running around in Singapore !!

Some more shots of iconic Marina new Downtown, and YOG symbols.

Video : Making of Fire Tornado (got this link from HP)

For more Flame and Yog coverage, do pop by Hpility (http://hpility.blogspot.com)
This chap, Hong Peng, is everywhere :)

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