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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Flying kite at Sengkang Anchorvale

Yes, finally, we got ourselves some kites to fly.

(this is a backdated post some Sats back)
The children just love to run on this open field.

Kids can run anywhere, and this open field is hugh !

Yes Yi, it is windy :)

Kite, one moment here, the other moment gone.
We lost our Doraemon kite after it got entangled

Warm weather and smiles

This boy, Wen Yi, can model

Doraemon kite, sponsored by Wei Ting jie jie.

Xin was eager to explore and roll over the lawn.

Our friends. :)

Yi : Daddy, make sure you bring us here every week (Daddy nod sleepishly)



  1. Yeah! SO nice to see you all went for kite flying! Denver & Gladys always play catching on the big field.. hahaha.. sometimes chase after the kite. :) Glad you all had FUN!

  2. haha Phoebe. u can bet the kids were thrilled !

  3. hello XiaoWei, Daddy's photographer skills can also claim some credit right? keke


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