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Monday, August 9, 2010

Busy weekend..Fireworks, Istana, bbq, Genius, Quarry, Amk Mac playground

Sengkangbabies were everywhere over National Day weekend.
Hectic but Fun.

Above picture taken at Istana, but inspired by Bollywood.
With these active boys, it was never easy to get them to stand still!
(but they DID !)

Fireworks at Sengkang (never enough Fireworks for us)

Unuse Quarry at Dairy Farm road

We were actually planning to capture some locomotives but lost our way...

Monday b'fast at Mac

This Mac + Playground is cool.. we mean COOL !

Daddy caught up with 30 years of friendships (Primary school mates)

Kang attended a Genius class :p (Yi also carafare)

Wow, so many activities over the last weekend. Now Daddy has a problem.
No time to sort out pictures and to blog.

A Happy Problem , Haha.
Stay tune to Sengkangbabies channel !

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