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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Class 95's 20th birthday - GI Joe and Avatar @ Fort Canning

Class 95 FM is Daddy's favourite radio station.
And they are celebrating their 20th birthday at
Fort Canning with not one , but two free movie screenings.

Hurry up, Avatar is not waiting for us !!

Wow, look at the crowd!! We are not the only people crazy about Avatar, or GI Joe hehe

Video : warming up the crowd

GI Joe starts at 1930, so we are guessing Avatar will not finish before 1am
(Daddy yawning)

Botak was there, but somehow the hotdogs taste different.

Hands up, if you want Glenn's ball !!
(it is actually a big bouncing ball, but the naughty DJs....)

Video : bouncing ball was fun !

As the sky darkens, it was pretty cool to watch a movie in the Open field !!

Happy Birthday, Class 95. Wishing you many more good years ahead.


  1. Did your kiddos managed to sit still throughout the movie? :)

  2. hi Phoebe, No2 Kang is more restless, but he will still sit through :) but we left after 90 min (too late for them)


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