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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ufamily Baby's Day out and National Day celebration

Sengkangbabies attended Ufamily Baby's Day out program today.

It is meant to celebrate Singapore's 45th birthday, together with babies less than 12months. It is Wen Xin's first Nation Day celebration too, but she is overage :p

Everybody must wear Red and White, and our kiddos are decked in Red Bees attire.

Smile, why Wei look so gloomy?

Jazz Kids entertain the audience with their vocals and dance steps :)
They are so Good, we actually jiggle along.

Daddy is pleasantly surprised our kids could behave during a concert :0
(have not brought them to any cultural shows yet)

Video : Majullah Singapura

Dr Ng Hen Hen (Minister for Education) lead the cake-cutting session.

Singapore Chinese Orchestra performed some favourite tunes (早安老师, DoReMi. and even 家) Wen Xin got sedated by the sweet melodies :)

Look at our boys? They actually pay "some" attention to the Orchestra.
And Daddy thought they would grow impatient.

Video : Chinese Orchestra was entertaining :)

Toilet break, Daddy brought the boys outside for some fresh air.

Photos and Books to keeps kids occupied.

Food to make adults happy?
Daddy was busy picking up food to and fro for our hungry babies.

Suddenly Daddy remember this documentary about parent penguin going out to sea to bring the bacon home

On the way back, we saw this beautiful pink vintage Van,
and Daddy need the boys to pose.

Daddy: An enjoyable morning for us, had fun, delicious food, and everybody seemed in a good mood. However, Daddy felt organiser should not pick an auditorium for next kids-outing.

The ushers were very insistent that no biscuit, sweet, milk or water are allowed.
Is this not a baby event :p

Credit .. penguin pic from


  1. Guess somehow sporean follow everything strictly to rules and regulation. Just like the recent news, where it show the mrt staff politely asking the parent not to feed milk/water to baby in the stroller..

  2. I saw the news, and I could not believe how absurb it was!! If pri/sec students do not understand no drink/food, FINE them.

    But baby cry because they are hungry or they poo (nothing is pre-meditated). It was ridiculous for the MRT staff to ask the baby to feed outside the train !

    Hope Singaporeans can be smarter, use some initiative, and not follow rule to the Dot.


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