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Monday, February 20, 2012

Who are http://purebloggers.com, OnlineSeoSearches.com ?

As a blogger, you get invitations to attend events, or help promote awareness. Sometimes, we love the limelight or we get extra privileges, but Sometimes, we also get weird invitations.

#01 - Avoid invitation from unknown sources
With so many spams and social phishing laying around, we should be paying more attention to suspicious invitations. Who know, which hackers or porn website might be tagged to your blog !
(Daddy admit he loves conspiracy plots from FBI, CIA, NSA spy movies)

#02 - Turn on your comment-spam filter
All comments will need to be approved before publishing, you will see some funny characters trying to pose a comment on your blog.
Fortunately, most are advertising, and not spammers. (cbox and text boxes are the worst source of spams)

Can you imagine what will happen if your blog crashes, or you mess up the html while playing with widgets? Most bloggers are not html programmers, so a regular backup will help. You do not want to spend countless night trying to decode "< a> and the < / a>" !!

#03 - Daddy tries to backup his blog and template at least once a month.

It is a simple 5 min job, which hopefully will ensure our SengkangBabies blog runs smoothly.
Have you been backing up? You will be surprise how easy your blog can crash :p

ps.. if you have backups, try to restore onto a "Test" blog. Just to ensure your backup SOPs are working as it is. Assumption will only lead to disappointment.



  1. thank you for dropping by Erin :)
    I would hesitate to key in my details, before I subscribe to their PureBloggers portal.

  2. http://chroniclesofidiocy.blogspot.com/
    (Accidentally deleted Erin's comment)

    Her comments :
    (Thanks for the info - I got the invite from Purebloggers and it certainly does sound phishy to me!)

  3. Purebloggers are legit. Me and some friends are using them, and its great to meet new bloggers, get more readers and sell stuff there.

  4. Pardon me anonymous, but I am always skeptical if I need to reveal my particulars before I join a site :)

  5. A few complains had come in regards to purebloggers. I am not saying it is a spam-website, but it is suspicious in the way it recruits bloggers.

    If you want me to publish your replies, identify yourself, rather than to remain anonymous. Make a stand.

  6. I got the exact same email from Online SEO Searches. The email seems legit LOL but it also seems fishy, especially since it was in my gmail's spam folder.

  7. hi Fiona, I got people searching for this from all over the world :)
    To join or not, to each his own :)

    Oh, and thanks for dropping by.

  8. I came here trying to find out what purebloggers is, this didn't answer. :/


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