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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Nothing is Insignificant

How many 20 years do we have?
1st 20 years studying..
2nd 20 years working..

That's life's mathematics for adults.
Kids grow even faster, month by month.

.. their shoes no longer fit after a few months
.. they have grown bulkier, Daddy struggle to carry 12kg Xin with one hand !
.. no more diapers, changing of milk formula
.. they do not need bodyguard to bring them toilet in the night anymore
.. school bag suddenly so heavy 15kg (Primary school)
You get the idea...

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

When we are working, or busy with projects, do we sometimes pause for a few seconds, and ponder, imagine what are the kids doing at home or school? Daddy sometimes remind Mummy to take more photos of their activities.

Waiting for school bus, their favourite corner at playground, Xin learning hallelujah, and Yi singing in Mandarin ! Daddy did not know our kids were making some hamsters FAT !

It make you realised time flies. Kids grow up overnight.
Starting from today, Daddy and Mummy will maintain an album..to keep all the insignificant photos :p

If you have been missing some kids activities recently, what are you doing about it?
Some of us can always make another baby, relive the insomia stages again,
but SengkangBabies confirm stop at four haha.

Memories, are not only made of milestones, memories are only complete when we have all the tiny insignificant moments. As Chinese would say "酸甜苦辣" (sour sweet bitter spicy).

We will add more insignificant photos along the way.. to remind us that we should not take anything for granted. Click to unlock our album.

Wei, where are you going next?

ps.. if this is the first time you are visiting Sengkang's Babies, read our introduction page :)



  1. very true! That's why I take pictures ALL THE TIME though I only have ONE kid. They grow up too scarily fast. Keke. Kudos to you for having four, it must be fun having a big family! =) Keep the pictures coming, they definitely ain't insignificant!

  2. haha Summer, thanks for dropping by :)
    You can always expect more photo and video (and gossips) from SengkangBabies :p

  3. You sure you're stopping at 4, Andy? But so true that they grow up too fast. Even with one, I feel like I don't even time with her. Got to remember to cherish their growing years and invest in them especially in their formation years.

  4. Good for you Susan, that's the attitude.
    Beyond 4 babies, house, car, logistics all need major upgrade :p

  5. Well said, they grow up so fast! I miss their toddler times a lot. Good reminder to myself to take more photos of my boys too. :)

  6. BentoMummy imagine, your kids telling their children : "Last time, grandma always make cool Bento meals for us". cheers :)

  7. Kudos to daddy & mummy! Four beautiful children! This blog not only serves as a platform for many parents to share and learn from you guys but also a wonderful place to pen down all the great memories during their growing up years, am sure when your children read through all the postings one day, it sure brings back sweet memories.
    I have 3 boys and will soon go maidless, there's so much to learn from both of you. Keep up the good work!
    LIKE your blog ;)

  8. Thanks for the compliments Jessie.
    The best thing about blogs is the sharing of Fun and memories :)
    cheers, andy


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