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Friday, February 24, 2012

HFMD outbreak (Hand Foot Mouth Disease)

Recently, Straits Times reported that HFMD incidences are peaking again :(
Parents whose kids are in childcare center will be praying hard for their kids to stay healthy.

We do not know when our child will be infected !
..and we can only hope for all parties ( teachers, parents and kids) to practice good hygiene routine.

From personal experience, it is very demoralising to bring your kids daily to school, and discover another classmate down with illness, one more added to infection statistic.
(16 cases and MOH will force school to close).

Traditionally, HFMD used to breakout after kids return from their holidays, but this time round, the disease has decided to pop up earlier. We blogged about the “bochap” and “selfish” parents back in 2010
Read --> http://sengkangbabies.blogspot.com/2010/08/hand-foot-mouth-disease-hfmd-go-away.html

If you see parents bringing their sick kids to school, sound the Alarm, tell the parents off, or at the very least, escalate to the teachers and principal.
Teachers are the gatekeepers, but we understand some parents are very inconsiderate (不自动).
Just because they cannot take leave, they will bring their sick child to school, maybe infecting the other kids !

Teachers can highlight importance of hygiene, and reinforce good hygiene practices by asking kids to wash their hands regularly (and sanitizing).

..but we just need one irresponsible parent to bring a sick child to school..
.. and the rest is history

=== === === ===

It sucks, when you are a responsible parent, but is indirectly affected because of some selfish parents.
For parents with more than one kid, the family now risk having another innocent child affected !!

Extracted from --> http://www.hpb.gov.sg/health_articles/hfmd,
do not bring your kids to school if they exhibit the following symptoms :

· fever
· sore throat
· ulcers in the throat, mouth and tongue
· headache
· a rash with vesicles (small blisters, 3-7 mm) on hands, feet and diaper area. The vesicles are typically on the palm side of the hands the sole side of the feet and very characteristic in appearance
· loss of appetite

=== === === ===
More information can be found at MOH website too

Take care.


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