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Monday, February 6, 2012

Penang family trip

Food, Food, Food ! Mention Penang, and Food comes into our mind !

The last time we went Penang, Mummy and Daddy were not expecting four kiddos.
We were still happily indulging in our honeymoon freedom :p

10 years is way too long to revisit Penang. So this March, we will be marching at Batu Ferringhi
and munching at Gurney Drive.

From Hard Rock Cafe Hotel (awesome pool), to AdventureZone (hugh slides !), to Street food and more food,
these four bloggers make it impossible, not to go to Penang !

Now we have a problem, which food to drop from our to-eat list :(
Owning to logistics (kids again), we might have to sacrifice some good food to cater for kid's itinerary :)

..updated 2012Mar20.. our 4D3N summary and Itinerary is up (at our new Blog address)


  1. hey, i am going there in end april, booked the same hotel, same room type as u..

    looking forward for ur itinerary. :)

  2. hi hi LilSmurf, long time no see. When we saw the slide in Family room, we knew we must get it haha. Not sure whether you have been to Penang before, but when planning your itinerary, take note travel distance between our Hotel and GeorgeTown. (most of the famous food are in town)

  3. yah right! the same slide captivated me!

    i am going 5days 4nights.. errr first time to penang and first trip out w/o maid (went for a cruise in dec without maid, but cruise is safe lor, they will not get lost). excited n scared. will be goggling parenting blogs for tips and itineraries at a nearer period :)

  4. 1st tip. Itinerary plan 60 to 75% full, leave a lot of window for un-forseen circumstances.

    2nd Tip. Always have plan "B" haha. If cannot go to "A", maybe "B might not be so bad.

    If got extra time to see more, then consider it a bonus. To see the kids enjoy themselves, is Fun too ! (talking about the butterfly farm)

    3rd. Be vigilant. Singapore is too safe, so sometimes we assume people are always friendly ...

  5. The kids will definitely have lots of fun! While the adults will definitely expand in size! Hahaha...

    Will you be renting a car? It's quite cheap and more convenient to do so, especially for trips between Gurney and Batu Ferringhi. :)

  6. We are planning to go Penang too but not decided if we want to travel by flight or self drive. Which mode of transport will you be taking? MH

  7. @Kelvin No rental car for us. The road from GeorgeTown to Batu Ferringhi is like mountain-pass, besides I hate looking for carpark space near eatery place too. So Taxis :)

  8. @MH we taking AirAsia and Tiger. If driving, we recommend you to stop over one night maybe at Cameron or Genting. (Penang is easily 6 to 8 hours drive, at 120kmh average)

    For driving, the return trip is always tiring (everyone dozing)

  9. Very interesting pictures taken at Hardrock.
    I'm bringing my children there in June but uable to get the family suite.
    We are staying at Bayview family suite, is it possible to use Hardrock swimming slide pool ?

  10. hi, I suspect you can use HardRock Hotel's pool. Nobody ask whether we were guests :)


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