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Monday, February 13, 2012

Sushi Tei Serangoon Garden

One afternoon, we decided to have our lunch at Sushi Tei Serangoon Garden. Mummy is a sushi fan, however, Daddy is always reluctant to dine out with kids...

Prawns and Unagi are always popular with kids.

Kang is taking his own time to enjoy his cuisine

Soft Shell crab, our family's all time favourite. Kids just love the crunchiness !

California handroll for Daddy.

Chawamushi is good for Yi and Xin (smaller kids), but even they prefer solid food like Fried Rice nowadays... Normally, a simple Bento set will satisfy their hunger pangs.

Is it true that as long as kids are full, they will listen to us and behave? Daddy doubt so, as kids will start playing another trick to purposely annoy parents haha.

Food and service is good, and kids were in a good mood.
However, Daddy will always prefer to eat home rather then outside. To ask our kids to settle down
(with all the finger-to-lip ssssh..) is a Formidable challenge.

..and you might not get to enjoy the meal thereafter keke. Bon appetit (later) !!

If you have a young toddler, we will also recommend a comfortable child restrain.
Read our earlier review --> Sack'n and Seat

Click for more information about Sushi Tei.



  1. haha, thanks for highlight Kelvin :)

  2. We love Sushi Tei too.. very near our place and so convenient :)
    I wrote a post on it last week too..

    Ai's Sushi Tei post

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  3. hello Ai, with a name like "Sakura", I suspect you love all things Nippon ;)


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