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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Fire Station open house

Every Sat from 0900 to 1000, most Fire stations in Singapore will be having open house.

The last time we went Sengkang Firestation was in 2008.
Look at how Yi has grown since then. Still very much adorable :p

This time round, our Sengkang neighbour Daddy Vincent and Xavier joined us. The kids had so much fun bantering together, talking about the ambulance, fire-engine, fireman and water fun.

We can role play as medic or fireman.

We took some quiz, and everyone gets to wear the coveted Fireman's hat !

We can play the ladder.. it is free :p
You need one adult to accompany each child, if you wish to access the ladder.

hello, can you hEar us !

A visit to a fire-station is not complete until you have a shower :p

..and Laughter :)

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  1. Very interesting and educational for the kids. I didn't know that the open house is every Saturday. Would bring Sophie for a tour when she's slightly older. Haha maybe can get to slide down the pole like they do in the movies.

  2. hi Susan,

    no need to wait till Sophia older, can bring her there to get close to ambulance and fire-engine.

    She will "relate" this experience, when she next see ambulance again on the road.

    You slide down or Sophia slide down, 3rd storey haha.

    cheers, andy


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