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Thursday, April 28, 2011

I love long long Exposures on my Nikon D5000

Besides candid shots of the kids, Daddy love landscapes.
Imagine when waterfall and water-bodies blurs, and motion looks like silk.

Long Exposure means leaving your shutter open indefinitely.
You might be surprise how easy it is to achieve stunning photos.

Ingredients :
- Tripod (I am still on my stock 18-55mm, no Wide Lens yet)
- patience
- wife's permission (for 3 hours away)

Recommended :
- remote (absolutely necessary for fireworks)
If no remote, you need to set your Camera to trigger on "timer".

- ND filter (3 stops or 10 stops)
Allows you to slow down motion or get ideal depth-of-view "in daylight" , no over-exposure!

Settings :
- Manual Focus (the gurus say focus 1/3 into the picture)
- ISO 100
- Aperture F13 to F22 (depending on what effect you wish to create)
- Shutter from 10s, 30s or up to BULB
- we can adjust the exposure to "+ or -" depending on brightness

What can we do with Long Exposures and some creativity ??

Add Sunset/Sunrise, Fireworks to the list...
The best thing is all this can be achieved with a basic camera kit.

If you need more inspirations or tips, just search "ND110" or "Long Exposure" in http://www.flickr.com/

I am a newbie, and still very crazy and passionate about photography.
There are just So many things to learn and explore :)
If you need some tips from me or better still you have tips to share, please let me know. I have learn so much from my friends :)

Anyway, Daddy just bought this copy off Popular Bookstore, the Landscape pictures will blow you away!

The above photos can be found at our FanPage too.



  1. you are getting more n more pro!!!

  2. not too difficult, just need tripod and time :)
    Even DSLR is not necessary.


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