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Monday, April 4, 2011

Gecko pet caught

We blogged about our daring pet, lurking around in our kitchen.
Well we caught him.

In fact, we ambushed two over three days.
Why do we call gecko pets in the first place?
Our babies are feeding the geckos (and sometimes ants) with their bread crumbs, ice cream, porridge !

For the record, Daddy really hate to kill any flies, or rodents or any other insect.
Karma ! But Mummy insist.....

I will not blog about another friend who likes to hide in our car.
You guess it, our hairy friend loves everything sweet.

In case you have similar issue at home :
1. try out the "sticky" solution from NTUC. Refer here.
2. Monitor the gecko's hideout, then block it's escape route. This will force gecko into our trap. Pest elimination requires some strategy ok !
3. If you can stop your kids from snacking, pat yourself on the back, you are a rare breed !

**updated 05Apr
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  1. We had a bad case of roaches in our car after Xavier started snacking. NTUC sticky solution works best for us. Plus of course banning Xavier from eating.

    His face goes green when I tell him: "Mr Roach gonna crawl all over you".

  2. every few months, a nymph will pop up in car again..and the worst thing is you know it's siblings are coming too... gross.


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