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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Everybody is blogging about photography, camera, techniques, and passion in April !

Not sure whether my friends notice, everybody is blogging about photography passion ! This is so cool !

Let us start the ball rolling....

Hendra - retaining memories through his artworks

Leonny - we know kids never stay still, Leonny shares her tips

Bing - good memories does not need a DSLR

Daphne - more tips and sharing

..and my current idol blog is "sisters". Jason's style is one of a kind !

If you find my photos interesting, feel free to copy (but must credit ok :p )
--> http://sengkangbabies.blogspot.com/search/label/camera

Enough say, everybody start shooting.
Grab your little models, prepare your equipment, say C-H-E-E-S-E :)

ps this is my current mindset.. ..
50% (passion+inspiration), 20% (creativity+patience), 30% (camera+lens+techniques)


  1. =) awww That's nice of you to quote and link me up, Andy!

    Happy Shooting and experimenting! =)

  2. Hey Andy, thanks for the post. What a coincidence that day. :)

    Take care and God bless.

  3. yo yo Leonny and Hendra, u are most welcome.
    My dslr is still keeping me excited like a little kid :)

  4. thanks for poping by Harry, I love your bokeh special effects.


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