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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Kallang Airport Singapore Biennale 2011

As part of Singapore Biennale 2011, Kallang airport has become an arts venue. Daddy had immersed the kids with some "artistic" hotel at Merlion, so we thought maybe "old" Airport might not be such a bad idea. 加冷机场 literally means add-cold-airport :p
If you are going with kids, we will advice to visit on Sunday open houses, as there will be kite-making session and balloons.

Look, our boys are so excited about going to airport. Daddy told them this is an "old" airport, and there are no aircraft, not sure whether they understand.

Kite making corner, but we head straight to the main building.

Kallang Airport, Daddy drives pass this terminal daily, but have not seen the interior before.
Our trip is partly to satisfy Daddy's curiosity, about all things old and unique.(Daddy keep telling the kids how fast our "memories and heritage" are bulldozed over in Singapore)

Hardware shop, we heard someone bought over everything from the store, and truck them over ! Mama shop with class :p

People's association used to be housed in this compound. Office's view is not bad :)

Rollup paper? stacked TV consoles ? Daddy has a hard time explaining the "whys" and "hows" to kids :p

Fortunately, this posters help, to certain extent. In some cases, we got more bewildered haha. That goes to show why arts might not be for everybody :p

Daddy love this window sculpting, there is creativity among the doodle ! Maybe the kids could do this, but not on our house window panes please !

You have been warned, bad music ahead. This is funny, as the chorus tries to pitch an assemble which is pleasant to their ears. Then we realise it, they are trying to show how Bad-Music makes us appreciate symphonies !

Yi was more happy running around the pendulums. We can hear the echoing Tick Tocks Tick Tocks !

Alas, the control tower was not meant to be our trip highlight. The spiral stairways was block !

More exhibits

Outdoors, just look at how happy are the boys ! Jumping with jubilation, maybe they are just glad to escape the "boring" art installations (read We do not understand the abstracts haha)

After the indoor exhibits at the main building, we pop over to the hangar.
One word, Hugh ! Plenty of space to run.

No real cow inside, but we can see the cowboys moaning moo moo :p

Kids prefer to pick up pebbles and throw into the drain !

The bolts and nuts

Arts gallery. Aircon, maybe the kids can find what they like?

Portfolios from 3000 students ! Which picture do you prefer?

Ok, we try to understand the arts gallery, the exhibits, but where are the aeroplanes?If you want to see airplanes dogfight, RSAF open house would be a better bet. (28May @ Peya Lebar Airbase)

Daddy thought the event is too abstract, and we might not be able to appreciate the "chim" arts. Nevertheless,, if you just want to explore some old architecture, you cannot get anything more authentic than a "old airport" at Kallang !

If you are curious to know more about Kallang Airport or some historic pictures, do visit my friend's blog :http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif
-- http://www.explorers.asia/2011/04/take-flight-and-explore.html
-- http://thelongnwindingroad.wordpress.com/2011/04/05/taking-flight-from-old-kallang-airport/
-- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kallang_Airport

We also visited Biennale's Merlion Hotel !!


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