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Monday, September 19, 2011

il Piccolo Pizza

** updated 2012Nov - seems like "ilpiccolo" has already closed down in Singapore. If anyone know their branches, please update us. Daddy saw this pizza outlet at Buangkok recently. There was quite a long queue, and Daddy got curious. Pizza outlet is called "il Piccolo" or "ilPiccolo". Italian.

For the month of Sep, there will be discounts for Pizza, baked rice and Lasagne.
(Free delivery for orders above $25)

Our pizzas (Hawalian and IlPiccolo) look appetizing. Daddy love their house brand iLpiccolo (below photo) as it comes with a lot of toppings (ham, bacon, chicken sausage yummy)

Skip the carimari, so chewy like chewing gum yucks !

What our kids love, are the baked Carnivora rice! (sounds like carnivorous because there are so much meat fillings !)

The baked rice comes with some fragrant Italian herb, and our kids love it.
The chefs are very generous with the fillings.

We did say the calamari would be hard to bite correct keke. Yi had a hard time chewing off the sotong.

il Piccolo website is still not ready, so I can only reference you guys to their Buangkok branch.
For the price, we would rate iL Piccolo as 7/10, we still prefer Pizza Hut's crust.

**More glorious food photos at our Fanpage.



  1. the pizza looked good..only one branch at buangkok? too bad, if not we can give it a try when Kuan family is hungry at night.. =p

  2. bro, just found this link --> http://search.insing.com/s/Il+Piccolo+Pizzeria+
    (Clementi, ToaPayoh, Hougang and Buangkok)

    Paiseh, your neighbourhood akang datang :)

  3. Nice, I love their pizzas too! Think there's one @ Bedok too! Pastas also super yummy!

  4. OH!!! so it moved from Sengkang Square to Buangkok! I used to eat their pastas EVERYDAY.... its fantastically yummy!! I shall inform feloow sengkanger the hungry ang moh (http://www.hungryangmo.com/)... we were so upset cos we thought it closed down!

  5. San and XiaoXin : Great! More people are hungry now haha :p


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