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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Marina Barrage is ideal for family activities

On National Day, we went over to Marina Barrage.
Besides kite, we indulge in water play too..

There is a hugh open field for kids to run everywhere.

Kite flying is popular with families

You know how to play ball or not?

Let us show you !

Teachers Ainn and Elaine join us for some jump shots :p

So much activities, no wonder kids are so happy !

After a morning of activities, we head downstairs for some water activities.

What better way to cool down ?

Kids were happy playing around the water features and fountains.

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  1. my goodness! they are just rolling on the bed of water. :D n I like that caption "You know how to play ball or not?" :D

  2. hi Amanda, if nobody around, I would be tempted to roll with the kids too wahaha.


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