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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

waterplay- Our Sengkangbabies are more happening than Zoukout :0

Two weekends ago, someone was mischievous, and someone was naive.

Kids were bored. So Mummy bring out the water playset (plain buckets).

Wen Xin is freshman, so she got the most attention. SPLASH!

Video : Let Sengkangbabies demo waterfun :p

Just water + bucket, generated so much laughter. Even our neighbours think we are wierd haha.


  1. Wow! Simple activity that generates so much joy! It looks so FUN:)

  2. i agree with ur last statement! haha! :)

  3. it goes to show that you only need the right attitude to have fun :)

  4. The kids looked like they really enjoyed themselves!

    Great creative idea! :)

  5. yo friends, thanks for the compliments. Kids had Fun splashing, I had Fun snapping away hehe.

  6. haha they enjoyed themselves lol i wana join too XD LOL

  7. jie jie domokun might be overage keke :p


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