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Sunday, December 26, 2010

my Nikon D5000 - panning shots at home

Panning is the technique of capturing "motion in action". Only our subject is sharp, but all other things in background appear blur.

Daddy set shutter speed to 1/50, and got kids to roll pass.
It is ok for "subject" to be slightly blur, as we are looking for
contrast between foreground and background. (Daddy's excuse keke)

Although we are going slow, you can still detect blurness in the background.

Video : buffet is here

Picture should convey motion. and Wen Kang expression is very candid !
Daddy wish he got a small bike to wheelie too !

Okay, our rides are slow and Daddy is still learning.
So if my pictures disappoint, try DPS -->

Your jaws will drop ! ( I like picture 4 and 11)


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