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Thursday, July 29, 2010

SEO, Trending. How to increase Blog traffic ?

What are these terms?

If you need to increase traffic to your blog, then you might need to google the above terms for tips. If you are on Nuffnang, your blog-analytics might also give you some clues.

Example, popular search hits on SengKangBabies are
"MBS, MarinaBaySands, and InfinityPool".
No wonder Sands made a $150 mil profit in 90 days !!

Google Hits for "NDP, Mobile-columns, Marina Bay, Fireworks"
are a distant second :)

Referring to Yahoo's screenshot above, sg.yahoo.com has a small trending table, highlighting popular searches on it's portal.

iPhone4 is number 1! Well, Apple is big news globally. Even my Pri 1 boy can tell me this is fact ! "NDP and firework" is not even in top 10.

HEllo, who is Lim Swee Say? Why is Mr NTUC so popular?

Daddy was curious ( some blunt friends will say kaypoh)... Yahoo searches revealed Mr Lim is famous for cosplaying as Zorro !
He got a Wiki entry, so he must be famous.

So in summary, if you wish to increase your traffic,
please ensure your Subject Title and even Tags are popular.

Now, who is going to blog about Jay Chou (周杰倫)?
Did Jay's image tricked any of you into visiting our blog :p


  1. unfortunately Google Trend is not available for google.my... So I have to use insights instead... but I agree, right keywords bring traffic...

  2. thanks for sharing papabear :)

  3. Very informative post on SEO trending. Tips included in this post are very accurate and helpful for increasing blog traffic.


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