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Friday, July 16, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday Wen Kang !

Today, we celebrated Kang's birthday in school.

Boy is 5 years old already. Daddy can always trust him to take care of Yi and Xin.

Although Kang is still cheeky :p
But we have also seen Kang slowly mature into a confident and responsible boy.
He knows he has to take care and protect his siblings.

Huff and Puff, blow the candles !!

Video :Sing together

How can a party do without goodies bag?

Yi gets to share the Yummy cake, together with Kang's classmates.

After our cake, we took a stroll, since Wen Xin is still napping.

Saw some carps, but the fountain was switched off.

Daddy and Mummy are always proud of Kang.

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