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Monday, July 19, 2010

Wen Kang B'day (Part II)

We invited our relatives and friends to pop by Wen Kang's birthday.
But the kids need to sleep first, otherwise they will look listless during party time :0

Xin : please open the door, my mum-mum (food) is here.

Food is from caterer Yum Cha, and their Tim Sum (点心) is very delicious, and served piping hot. Since our guests are not here yet, we can only look/smell at the food.

Kiddos keep themselves entertained. Happy Family card games.

Our stomach cannot wait anymore, kids start with appetisers.

Everybody is in a good mood. Kang is quietly happy that he will be celebrating his 5th birthday. Kang promise Mummy he will be a good boy.

More photos taking. Everybody smile :)
Our cousins and friends join in the fun.
Our house is filled with kiddos' laughter.

eh..no balloons, no decorations...(Daddy lazy)...
.the kids just need their siblings and buddies and cousins to raise the FUN factor !

Jie Jie WeiTing is our unofficial photographer.
Kang's favourite Autobot character, BumbleBee.

Let us sing a song, family photos.
Kara and Jolie enjoy pushing our karts around the house.

Video : Silent rendition of Happy Birthday and 生日快乐
(silly Daddy muted the video !)
..Even Wen Xin and Wen Yi know how to play-act during b'day songs :)

Yummy cake, every kid can have two servings. Wow !

happy together :)

Open your present.

... Kang told Mummy he is now a big boy, and will not be naughty again.
Yeah, like real !! coming from the most mischievous member of SengkangBabies :p


  1. Happy belated birthday Weng Kang. Looks like he had a great party! :D

  2. yo papabear, thks for visiting :)
    got cake, and company,and presents..boy cannot complain :)


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