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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Our 10 years anniversary .. Precious Moments..

Let us tell you a story .. our L.OVE story .

We dated ..and enjoy each other's company .

He proposed .. and we are One .

Ten years .. four babies .. we are still in LO.VE

LOV.E you forever, my darling wife :)



  1. yes Kelvin, I am hoping my Mrs will reciprocate, and get me one 50mm F1.4 lens **evil grin**

  2. that was so sweet...may your family be blessed with happiness always !

  3. Happy 10th Anniversary Andy & Mengchoo! So sweet! ^_^ a very blissful marriage and family. Many more 10 years to go!

  4. that is a beautiful post. so touching and so sweet. god bless you and your family with ever lasting love.

  5. @Ken : thanks man :)

    @Angel : oh, u are in Russia! Interesting perspectives from a Chinese in Russia. Intriguing posts.

  6. @ Heng Family : hello Phoebe, you and Angel-Heng not related right haha. Thks for your best wishes :)

    @ Rose : thanks Rose :) My wife found it mushy keke.


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