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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

No April fool's week

This week was tiring.

Sat/Sun - Yi was still drooling massively, as we can see his molar appearing.
He got fever, and diarrhoea intermittently.

Mon - Yi recovers and goes back to school, only to find out his girlfriend got infected with HFMD !!

Oh no, we fear for the worst.
Not only is Yi at risk, he can also pass the germs to his elder brothers :(
Luckily he has remain strong thus far, and not fallen sick yet.
.... keeping our fingers cross.

Wed - Kang got high fever, and Mummy has to isolate him from his schoolmates. After taking medication, his condition stabilise. Bought him to see Doctor in the evening. Infection, green nose discharge, more antibiotic for him. When we see Kang running and perspiring (instead of getting listless), we felt relieve.

Thu - Kang got high fever again. Hope he will recover before the weekend.

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