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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Every outing is precious, and fun

At times, we do not know what to expect, so we let the kids lead us, just bring them out and see what they can do.

A patch of green..
.. stretch of sandy beach..
.. puddle of water..
.. ants and butterflies..
.. flower and tree ..

All simple things, which adults are likely to miss.
But from a kid's points of view, it means endless fun, and creativity !!

I would never know about our abundant gardens, beaches, parks, and even farms, if not for the kids. If I run out of ideas to go, just google and search through other parent's blogs :p
And most of this places of interests are free ...

Now, Daddy used to think Shopping centres and movies are cool.
What have I been missing :)

Cheers, to more excursions with our kids.

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