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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mummy's parenting thoughts- 2009.03

Learning curve for Wei.
Reading - Peter and Jane , We started Wei with these books, to engage his interests.

We enrol Wei in I-can-Read last year, hoping to improve his comprehension and writing skills.

Now Wei can read by himself and know a lot of words.
Just start to teach him spelling, and was surprised that he pick up very fast.
It helps that Wei has fantastic memory. He remembers everything.

Discover that Wei like numbers when doing math assessment last year and decided to let
him learn Abacus -CMA. Mummy is very proud that Wei picks up easily.
Wei likes to find challenging questions for himself

However, Wei complains that
there is too much homework, and no time for cars (his favourite pastime) .
Poor boy :)

Learning curve for Kang.
He like reading but not writing, always complain that he don't know how to write or hands is tired (Kenging).
Maybe is too young for him to write, so now we have slow down in teaching him.

We did notice that Kang's oratory skills is solid. He is effectively bilingual, switching between both language effortlessly. He can accomplish anything which he puts his mind too, but only lack patience, and dedication. This boy has high EQ, but we need to be very patient with him.

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