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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Zoo 20090315

A big SeaLion greets us at the Zoo.

let's go..everybody got their hats, and mosquito repellent !

Kang : Kor Kor, that bird behind is staring at me..

happy feet..but this penguins smells ..yucks :)

herd of seaLions..
let us hug them.


These squirrels are cute, zooming here and there..

Yi, you be careful..crocs/aligator/gavials munch munch

Do not teach the monkey to feed the animals..

new RainForest water them park. Big area for everybody to get wet.

how come Wei become fireman again?

Stroll in the park..where are you going?

Dinosaur - duckbill, we are not scared !! punch, box..

Dinosaur t-Rex, scared, shiver. If we do not move, and he might miss us.

All the boys should know what number to call when someone is in danger..
We notice enclosures now come with more "warnings" !!

More exhibits

chummy bros.

warm..so hot, but we start to notice gloomy skyline again..

nothing can stop Yi for dozing, not even the baby otter (who are ever noisy)

Another wonderful trip. New displays, but I guess Zoo is packed , due to school holiday.
Soon after we left, there was heavy downpour all over Singapore.

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