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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Wen Xin Full month celebration

Xin can really sleep..zzz.. ...zzz.
Our buffet started at 1pm, and she went sleeping from 12plus till 1600 hee hee..
No matter how noisy, chaotic it is outside.. she is dreaming her own sweet Dream :p

Pastries for our friends and relatives..yum yum. Swiss roll is children's favourite.

Yi entertaining himself.

Wei and Kang playing with their old fireman helmet. Feeling nostalgic?

Joley posing :) and Kara busy rolling our toys around the hall..
Watch out, she is going to knock your feet !!

Xin in her new yellow outfit.
Daddy: Baby girl's are really spoilt for choice when it comes to dolling up.

We try to go for family portrait again. Nai Nai is photographer.

And Yi is not cooperating again :p

Why Yi always cry in pics?

Video : Xin crying..loudly

Daddy : It was a busy day, and Daddy did not even have much chance to whip out his camera :)
But we hope our friends/relatives/neighbours had enjoyed themselves.

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