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Friday, June 19, 2009

Wen Xin - 24 days old

Time flies, Wen Xin is almost one month old already. 24days, to be exact.

As she grows, she does resembles 60% of Wei, our 大哥, and 40% of Kang, our 二哥.

Our combo mei mei :)
She does has her grouchy moments. When she is hungry, her wail can be heard miles away !!

Rare moment when her eyes are wide open ..Wen Xin is sleeping most of the time.

Sweet in pink. Our cutie pie.

Hands up. This is standard protocol for all babies, always covering their ears with their mitten.

Daddy like to smell baby mitten, as they remind me that all babies smell nice (before they poo poo !!)

heh heh.

We managed to catch Yi 三哥 acting like a caring brother.

He is so happy to grab Mei Mei, but we have to coax him to use "less" strength.

Video : Yi hug hug Xin snugly

More pictures of Xin.

At the rate she is drinking, she will out-grown her clothing very soon.

And she is still wearing hand-me-downs from her brothers :p

四妹 got three bodyguards :)

Barnie and Mickey friends... "we are happy family"

While Daddy is posing with Xin, the brothers are also busy playing Taxi, and convoys.

Yi is our little passenger, or pillion :)

Video : Pillion

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